How to Engage Your Facebook Followers
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How to Engage Your Facebook Followers

Even though newer social media platforms have been getting a lot of attention lately, Facebook still has the highest number of active users out of any social network. As a marketer, I know Facebook is the place I need to be to engage with the broadest possible audience.


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So how do I do that? Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about how different post types perform on Facebook, as well as the content topics that are most likely to encourage people to engage. I want to share those secrets with you today.


Post Type Influences Performance


If you only make text and link posts on Facebook, you’re missing out. Video and image posts attract a lot more attention. Likes and comments in turn make your photo and video posts show up higher in the news feeds of your followers, creating a snowball of engagement that can propel your brand to social media success.


Live Broadcasts Attract Attention


In recent years, Facebook has focused on pushing forward live video. Many brands have experimented with live video, with generally good results. However, although live videos get on average more interactions than non-live videos, the results are inconsistent.


The takeaway? Live video is definitely something to consider, but be careful how you use it. Don’t use live video for the sake of it; only live broadcasts events that are likely to excite your audience.


Not All Industries Perform the Same


There is no such thing as a winning Facebook strategy that works exactly the same for every brand. Sorry!


Businesses in different sectors require different strategies to succeed on Facebook. For example, brands in entertainment and food & drink need alternative content strategies to make the most of the opportunities Facebook can offer them.


Driving Engagement on Facebook


To find out more about how to drive more meaningful engagement on Facebook, get in touch with GroMo. We are always looking into new ways to surprise, delight, and engage Facebook audiences, and we are keen to share our secrets with brands that want to make the most of all that social media has to offer. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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