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Floafers produce trendy and functional shoes for men and women. They are modernizing the EVA footwear space with a product line that strikes a unique balance of style and versatility. Their products are crafted with modern day classic designs to fill a void created by the lack of enthusiasm within the outdated EVA market.

About The Project

The Challenge

Floafers launched their e-commerce site upon concluding their very successful Kickstarter campaign, seeking innovative ways to keep momentum and generate buzz about their brand. With summer coming to an end, it was important to use a paid media budget in the most effective way possible to increase engagement and drive conversions.

What We Did

The Approach

In order to achieve the lowest cost per conversion, brands have to align with a target audience that is most relevant and as specific as possible. To connect with the desired active lifestyle audience, GroMo identified a whole new audience base, calling them “Navigators”. We lowered the cost per conversion even further by digitally targeting this audience with hyper-relevant content, leading them through our funnel based on how they engaged with the content; ultimately getting people fully engaged to convert to sales.

The Solution

The Navigators

“Navigators” are an active lifestyle audience subset with the affinity to purchase athletic wear all year long. We used paid media ads geo-targeting locations with warm climates year round. Taking it a step further, audiences were segmented by their interest levels and gender to specifically tailor the content and copy of ads. Once audiences were split up by socio and demographic information, data was collected and analyzed on how each audience responded.

Target Audience Data


Ad Funnels

Sales Data

The Results

The experience paid off tremendously for Floafers, as well as our agency. Floafers experienced significant growth in followers across all their social platforms, their email subscriber list, and most importantly, sales.

Increased Conversion Rate:


Decreased Cost Per Conversion:


“A summer shoe for when you’re too fratty for Crocs but need a water shoe to remind people that your dad is a lawyer.”

– Brandon Wenerd, Founding Partner & Senior Editor at BroBible

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