Network Bar.

Network Bar.

Social networking online and off.


What if you could leverage the professional network community attributes of a digital platform such as LinkedIn and translate that into an offline real world environment? This was the premise of our client, The Network Bar; founded and conceived by restaurant aficionado and serial entrepreneur Phil Romano.

About The Project

The Challenge

To develop a brand style and visual aesthetic that succinctly conveyed the brands approach to networking, collaboration and entrepreneurship coupled with the qualities of sophistication, professionalism and ambition. The brand style guide would have to be able to live both online and offline through all the brand touch-points, including; throughout the location, in print, across all digital content marketing initiatives, website, social channels and proprietary mobile application. We also set about devising a content marketing strategy to aid in generating interest in the client that could be applied across social media, paid media and email marketing.

What We Did

The Approach

We conducted extensive research for a 30 day period to identify other similar businesses and business models across the globe. Assessing those businesses approaches and visual aesthetic allowed us to conceive an identity for The Network Bar that was at once both familiar, yet unique and clearly distinguishable.

The Solution

Building A Truly Unified Brand Experience.

A simplistic graphic logo design was created that conveyed visually the idea of “connection” and linking together, while two contrasting but complimentary typefaces were selected, each projecting a different attribute of the brand. Old Standard TT which is sophisticated and elegant was selected as the primary font and utilized for headings; while Lato, a clean modern styled font was utilized primarily for use in the logo and for written copy. A primary color palette of darker, natural, earthy tones and colors were intermingled with a secondary palette that was more modern feeling and bolder for balance. Photographic imagery mirrored the artistic direction of the font and color palette selections mixing older sophisticated images with retro modern, to create a chic speakeasy aesthetic more akin to those bars found in New York, London and other major international business hubs. Finally we developed a tone of voice that was professional and sophisticated while being modern in tonality and vernacular.

Target Audience Data

Brand Guide

Social Templates

Email Templates

The Results

What was achieved was a visual brand and design guide that was at once retro modern chic and yet also timeless. An identity that would establish the brands positioning and visually convey its key attributes of business professionalism, while nurturing collaboration and social interaction.

“Society Becomes Great When Old Men Plant Trees Knowing That Others Will Sit Under The Shade Of Them.”

– Phil Romano, Founder & Restaurateur

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