Creating a Better Customer Journey: Effective Sales Funnels on Facebook
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Creating a Better Customer Journey: Effective Sales Funnels on Facebook

Are you wondering how to sell more products on Facebook? Are you trying to update your marketing schemes and strategies, but getting nowhere?


Truth is, there are tons of sites and “industry leaders” out there telling you what to do. I’m going to tell you what has worked for me. In marketing, data is king.


Stay with me. In this article, I’ll give you an actionable plan to build an effective sales funnel on Facebook.


1. Get to Know Your Audience


You can try all the trending tricks out there, but the most important thing to remember is this: the customer journey.


Who are your fans? Who has bought something from your online store? To find out, make sure your Facebook Pixel is in place and any other tracking sources, such as Google Analytics, are set up properly. The more data you can collect about your audience, the better your ads and conversion costs.


2. Build Your Target Audience Persona


If you know who you are serving, what you want to do is create a buyer persona based on the data you have sourced. On the Ads Manager tab, open the Audiences tool. Click Create Audience and then simply select Custom Audience.


You will need 100 buyers before using this custom feature, but hopefully you’re up there already. Find out their age, personas, and then start targeting your ads to reach them when they are active and online. Don’t let potential sales slip through your fingers.


3. Use Facebook Audience Funnels to reach more people


Facebook is set up to find audiences who have stuff in common with the ones already visiting or buying from you. They may like the same pages, have purchased similar products, or are searching for the same things online that your current customers are.


These are the “cold” audiences you want to warm up to your brand and your products. So, the next goal would be to find out if these guys engaged with your social media posts at all.


This might show whether they are interested in anything you have to offer. If the answer is yes, group these folks as your “warm” audience and continue to nurture them.


More to Marketing


This funnel is an example of the type of detailed and sustainable, organic strategies you can employ. It is simply a way to move people at all stages of the customer journey.


In this way, you are also classifying them to your team, and identifying their particular needs, wants, and desires.


Most importantly, you are utilizing proven data to find out exactly who is purchasing your product and interacting with your brand.


What are your current sales strategies for online audiences? Have you tried using these Facebook personas when targeting clients? What worked for you, and what has not?


Let me know your digital strategy in the comments below…


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