Everything You Need to Know About IGTV
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Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

I’m fascinated by the way Instagram is creating new opportunities for influencers through the IGTV feature. The popularity of video is increasing on Instagram, with the time that users spend watching them going up by 80 percent over the past year. The 60-second restriction on standard Instagram videos can be limiting, but IGTV makes it possible to create up to 60-minute clips.


IGTV Video Requirements


When I first started using IGTV, I needed to keep a few key criteria in mind for valid video uploads.


  • The videos have to be longer than 15 seconds.
  • I can’t create these videos directly from the Instagram app.
  • The best ratios that I’ve found are 9:16 and 4:5.
  • I can’t upload videos longer than 10 minutes unless I have a verified or large Instagram account.
  • I need a JPG cover image for the video.


The actual uploading process is relatively straightforward, with an interface that’s similar to the one I’m used to using on Instagram. I liked that I could upload via mobile or the web, especially if I had to do some video editing before I was ready to post.


Getting the Most Out of Your IGTV Videos


I imagine it will take some time before brands dial in on the elements that result in successful IGTV channels. Here are a few best practices for leveraging this platform and optimizing performance.


Have a Hashtag Strategy


Choosing hashtags on an ad-hoc basis leads to inconsistent reach on Instagram. If a company uses five slightly different versions of a branded tag, then they’re going to have a hard time with building up momentum.


Understand the User Experience


I’m not a fan of an ear-shatteringly loud intro on videos in the best of times, and especially not when they autoplay. Keep this in mind whenever editing these clips.


Don’t Forget the Links


The links in IGTV descriptions are clickable, so keep users engaged by leading them to more information about the video topic or show them more content.


Review IGTV Video Performance


The Insights feature provides a lot of useful information about who is watching my IGTV videos, how long they’re watching and other details that I can use to improve performance.

IGTV provides an excellent opportunity for marketers looking to get more out of their Instagram traffic. I have a lot more flexibility with a 10-minute video than a one minute clip, especially if I need to convey a complex concept.

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