How to Get More Out of Your Instagram Stories Ads
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How to Get More Out of Your Instagram Stories Ads


How to Get More Out of Your Instagram Stories Ads


Since it’s rollout, Instagram’s Stories feature has become an immensely popular part of the platform. The feature has also created opportunities for brands to market their products and services, as evidenced by the fact that about 50 percent of all businesses on Instagram have created stories. Here are some of my top tips for using these 10-15 second videos to drive traffic, customer engagement and sales.


Don’t Be Afraid to Promote Your Brand and Products


Among some online marketers, there’s a strange mentality that straightforwardly promoting a product is a bad thing. However, data from Instagram would beg to differ. In fact, about 65 percent of the best-performing posts on Instagram directly feature products. Likewise, your Instagram Stories should prominently feature your brand’s name, logo and product. Remember, you only have 15 second to make an impression, which in my opinion means you need to make every second of your ad count for all it can in terms of promoting your business.


Harness the Power of Links in Instagram Stories


One of my favorite parts of the Instagram Stories feature is the fact that your posts can be linked directly to outside content or sales pages. When a viewer on Instagram swipes up on your Story post, he or she can be redirected to a page of your choosing. Of course, it’s up to you to decide where to send that traffic to produce the best results for your business. If you aren’t using outbound links in your Instagram Stories, though, you’re missing out on potential traffic and not using the tool to its fullest extent. Don’t forget to actively prompt your viewers to swipe up by including a direct call to action in your Stories.


Think About the Soundtrack


Approximately 70 percent of Instagram Stories are played with the sound on, compared to the staggering 85 percent of Facebook videos that are watched without sound. This fact means that marketers need to think carefully about the soundtracks they attach to their Instagram Stories. Whether you go for music only or choose to include dialogue, be sure that the sound is of high quality and matches the tone of the video itself.


Create an Incredible Visual Experience


It should go without saying, but Instagram Stories need to be visually appealing and get viewers’ attention as soon as they begin to play. Use high-quality video content and have it professionally edited to produce the best possible video you can get. You should also think about the placement of your brand logo when you’re shooting, since you need to make sure that the colors in your logo don’t clash with the video.

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