How to Improve the Performance of Your Brand Videos on YouTube
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How to Improve the Performance of Your Brand Videos on YouTube

People watch a ton of YouTube videos – 500 million hours daily, to be exact. Whether they’re looking for reviews or a how-to video, they turn to YouTube frequently. Succeeding on this platform takes more than maintaining an active channel. Here are a few ways I recommend brands improve their performance in their video marketing.


Draw on Your Storytelling Skills


Storytelling opens up a lot of creative avenues for launching a product, explaining a service or simply connecting with potential customers. The story doesn’t have to be complex or lengthy. Simply aim for a beginning, middle and an end progression to each video. Creating a storyboard before the video can be a great help in identifying these key parts of the story.


Look for Opportunities to Extend Your Reach


Cross-promotion and collaborative efforts give brands access to audiences that may not otherwise see their content. Some approaches I recommend include adding complementary products from other brands in your videos, connecting with local businesses on projects and talking about exciting experiences the brand has with its partners, suppliers and distributors.


Play on Emotions


An emotional connection is essential for leaving a lasting impression with a viewer. When they consume so many videos in a given day, it’s understandable that some may end up blurring together. I recommend that brands attempt to get an emotional response to make it more likely that their content will stick with the person.


Strive to Stand Out


Competition among brands on YouTube can be fierce. If everyone creates a similar style of video or features products that are virtually identical, they will have a hard time standing out. Companies can pay close attention to the video content available from the competition and look for opportunities to show how they’re different. Sometimes that involves a different approach to the video, and in other cases they might need to push their unique selling proposition better.


Nearly every marketer has video content in their strategy these days. I love to see the creativity on YouTube, especially from brands that fully understand what they need to do to succeed on this platform.

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